Hello! Thank you for your interest in my New Marketing Mastery program.

I built the online program to help you align your marketing with the way that people buy.

While the online program is great for most people, some prefer to get my personal help to implement the ideas in New Marketing Mastery in their business. 

So I developed a cost-effective way for you to tap my expertise. We will work together to build fans and grow your business.

The New Marketing Mastery with Private Coaching from me includes several elements:

1. You will get the full New Marketing Mastery online program.

This includes a comprehensive 70-page workbook and study guide, over 60 short and fast-paced video modules, dozens of high-value infographics and worksheets PLUS a 1-hour video of Tony Robbins discussing the ideas of New Marketing Mastery with me.

2. The Coaching Program can be scheduled whenever you’re ready. 

To get the most out of the Coaching Program, I recommend that you complete the New Marketing Mastery online program first so that you’re familiar with the concepts. While this is not required, people tell us that it is the best approach. 

3. The Coaching Program includes an audit of your current marketing and social media, done personally by me.

I'll ask you a series of questions about your business and I will do my research before we meet to discuss your situation. 

4. After you’ve done your homework by taking the New Marketing Mastery online program and after I dig into your current situation, we will meet on a 90-minute coaching call (usually on Zoom). 

Feel free to include your team members or marketing agency partners on the call. I will share what I learned in my research and I will offer specific ideas for improvement. You ask me any questions that you have about successful marketing.

5. After the call, you will receive a several page written audit of your current marketing prepared by me. 

6. As you implement the ideas we’ve discussed, you will have one month of unlimited email follow-up with me personally. 

I usually respond within 24 hours with detailed answers to your questions. 

Ongoing advisory work. Investing in startups. Coaching your team. Working directly with you, one-on-one.

I work with organizations in several ways.

Advisor and Investor: I serve as an advisor and investor in emerging companies that are transforming their industries by delivering disruptive products and services. I've been working with HubSpot (NYSE: HUBS), since 2007 when the company had a handful of customers and fewer than 10 employees.

I helped the HubSpot team with rapid sales and marketing strategies that have grown the company to more than 78,000 customers in 120 countries and an $8 billion market cap. In addition to HubSpot, my current portfolio of advisory and investments also includes Gosite, ListReports, Mynd, Expertfile, RISEcx, Motto, SlapFive, Turazo, The Rattle, Vengreso, and Foxtrot Systems.

In past advisory work, I contributed to successful exits of companies as a member of the board of directors of NewsWatch KK (sale to Yahoo Japan) and Kadient (sale to Sant) and served on the board of advisors of Eloqua (IPO followed by a sale to Oracle) and GrabCAD (sale to Stratasys).

Now you can have access to me and my knowledge! I personally review your challenge prior to our call, and engage with you via Zoom for 90 minutes to discuss your goals in detail. I then offer specific strategy and tactical suggestions. This session also includes one month of email followup after our call.
Tony Robbins with David Meerman Scott

One hour was worth a year of traditional coaching!

Melissa Giovagnoli Wilson, Founder and CEO, Networlding

Working with David was everything I hoped it would be and more. I had someone who understands the complex changing marketing landscape show me things that I just could not see about my own business. I was just too close to the strategic places in my company where I could leverage key initiatives that would play well in the marketplace as well as connect to my strongest passions. I recommend any business owner, especially seasoned business owners, take the time to work with David. One hour was worth a year of traditional coaching!

David has helped me to elevate my game by introducing me to simple, actionable strategies...

Ward Richmond, Senior Vice President, Colliers International

Partnering with David to analyze and evolve my social media marketing strategy has proven to be extremely beneficial. I met David via Tony Robbins and much like Tony, David has helped me to elevate my game by introducing me to simple, actionable strategies which quickly deliver substantial results.

Thank you for all the insightful information...

Ben Seaman,Founder & CEO, Riverwood Acoustics

I want to send you a message of gratitude from all of us at Riverwood Acoustics. We truly believe that your style of marketing rules will help us disrupt an industry and make people change the way they buy home audio and electronics. Thank you for all the insightful information and tips that will help us provide a true story going forward.

30 percent growth in new patients...

Dr. Jon Marashi

30 percent growth in new patients as a result of working with David!

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